Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Temporal Fossa Augmentation

The temporal fossa is located above your cheekbones, just to the side of your eyes. It is the shallow depression of your skull.

You know it as your temple. Created by an underlying pair of cranial or temporal bones, it houses the temporalis muscle, one of the strong muscles necessary for chewing. If you take away the muscle, you are left with a space called the temporal fossa. Normally, this indentation is a discreet hollow just below and behind your forehead. But if the depression is so pronounced that it makes you look sickly or gaunt, you may want your surgeon to fill it in. Augmenting a temporal fossa depression isn’t a necessary step in feminizing your face, but it will add immensely to a healthy, feminized look. 

There is no difference between the sexes when it comes to an exaggerated temporal fossa depression. Even though I have treated only one woman with a significant indentation, I believe strongly that a deeply concave or inwardly curved space has nothing to do with gender. Whether you are a man or a woman, a pronounced hollow just behind your lateral orbital rims, the bony ridges to the side of your eyes, can have a significant effect on your facial aesthetics. This hollow can make you appear starving when you are well fed. Although the majority of the people don’t have a temporal fossa depression that merits attention, it is not an uncommon occurrence.

The degree and precise location, however, can be variable. The depression also isn’t necessarily symmetrical or the same on both sides. When it does exist, augmenting the space can offer many aesthetic benefits. Improving the contour can create a more appealing look.  

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